Student Attestation on Lecture Recordings and Other Course Materials Placed on the UNC School of Medicine Website. Agreement and Consent Form

I am aware that all recorded lecture presentations given to me by The University of North Carolina School of Medicine (UNC SOM) may be posted to the UNC SOM curriculum web site ONLY if the presenter has authorized such posting. The UNC SOM curriculum web site will indicate lectures that will be posted. Authorization for posting the presentation is to be obtained only by the UNC SOM, Medical School Departments or individual course directors. Students or student representatives are not allowed to contact individual faculty and ask that their lectures be posted.

Consenting presenters have been informed that their lecture recordings will only be used within the context of this course and will not be copied, displayed, reproduced, posted or distributed to others in any format. Consenting presenters have also been informed that only students who have signed this attestation form, authorized teaching faculty and authorized Dean’s office personnel will be allowed access to these materials.

I am aware that these recorded lecture presentations will be deleted from all University websites, and any existing hard copies maintained by UNC SOM will be destroyed by the end of July in the academic year that the recordings were made.

I understand that technology issues may result in all, or a portion of, a previously scheduled lecture posting not being available and that I will still be responsible for everything covered in that lecture.

I agree that I will only use these lecture recordings for the purposes of studying course content, that I will not copy, display, reproduce, post or distribute these materials or links to these materials to others in any format and that I will destroy these recordings once I am no longer a registered medical student at, or no longer on official leave from, the UNC SOM.

Any recording of lectures by an individual student may be used only for the purpose of studying course content by that student and is subject to the same restrictions on use and distribution as recordings made by the UNC SOM.

I understand that the same restrictions on use and distribution apply to all other course materials placed on the UNC SOM curriculum web site by faculty and staff of the UNC SOM.

I understand that course materials from the UNC SOM curriculum web site cannot be posted to student wikis and other student-generated electronic study guides unless those electronic study guides are also created within the UNC SOM curriculum domain.

In addition, I understand that distributing small group problem set answers that have been placed on the UNC SOM curriculum web site or distributing exam questions or answers in any manner is prohibited.

I understand that failure to abide by this policy is an Honor Code violation, and that I may be subject to legal liability if my sharing or public posting of these files results in copyright infringement.


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