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It is the goal of the School of Medicine to provide an environment for students that is conducive to learning and free of all forms of harassment. However, we recognize that misunderstandings between individuals do occur, particularly in the high-stress, low-sleep situations in which medical students often find themselves. Mistreatment can take many forms, ranging from subtle belittlement or discrimination to blatant hostility or harassment. Mistreatment may cause a variety of emotional responses in a student, from anger to isolation and embarrassment. Fear of retaliation can be a major component. It can be difficult for students to report mistreatment, and the School has created several pathways to do so.

Reports of perceived mistreatment may be submitted electronically using the following form. It is not necessary to provide your name or other identifying information. Be aware, however, that you will not receive a response to forms submitted anonymously, and that such reports will only be used in aggregate to detect patterns of mistreatment. This is an anonymous form, which will be sent to the Office of Student Affairs.

Student Mistreatment and Learning Environment Concern

All reports will be managed in accordance with established policies including but not limited to those of the SOM Learning Environment and Student Mistreatment Policy, School of Medicine Human Resources, UNC Healthcare Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office.