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OB Resident Praise

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  • UNC SOM (Medical Student)

I wanted to send some extra praise for Matthew Givens, OBGYN resident (currently PGY3). He was a PGY2 at the time of my AI and he instilled the BEST learning environment. He took time out of his day to give mini-lectures that were like 10 minutes of greatness that I still use on OB. He also maintained a positive attitude at all times. Both to students and to co-residents. When other residents were becoming negative about patients and complaining about their lives as busy residents, he made sure to pull me aside and talk to me about their attitudes. He gave me a safe person I could talk to if I felt like I was in an uncivil environment and he always made me feel like a helpful and even necessary part of team. He gave me leadership roles to the MS3s on the service and he talked well of me to attendings when I was around. His positive spirit truly was contagious. He inspires me!