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EM Resident Praise

Program Area(s)
  • UNC SOM (Medical Student)

UNC's Medicine Intensive Care Unit (MICU) cares for NC's sickest and most medically complex patients. As a medical student, entering this environment can be intimating. However, my experience in the MICU was one of the best learning experiences I have had in my training at UNC thanks to Dr. Andrew Petrilli. Dr. Petrilli always greeted myself and the rest of the team with a smile. Even though he carried a heavy patient load he always made time to answer questions before rounds. Also, if there was an interesting physical exam finding or imaging finding he always found me and used these findings to teach.

I was able to assist Dr. Petrilli with multiple procedures in the MICU. When I wasn't able to assist he would always explain exactly what he was doing, why he was doing it, and possible complications of the procedure. His procedural skills are incredible (he can throw in a central line in 10 minutes not even joking). All of his patients adored him. Even in the worst of situations, Dr. Petrilli's bedside manner put patients and their families at ease. I aspire to be as kind, skilled, competent, and compassionate, as Dr. Petrilli as a resident.

Thank you for everything you do!!

~A grateful 4th year medical student