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Review Group 2 Rocks!

Program Area(s)
  • UNC SOM (Medical Student)

I am blown away by the kindness, thoughtfulness, and support exhibited by each member of Review Group 2 in the admissions committee.

Naturally, one would expect conversations to get intense and, at times, stressful. Never have I seen a group of senior physicians and academics speak to each other with so much respect and humility. Furthermore, each one of them intentionally tries to make a point of encouraging the medical students to speak up and give feedback. Being in this group has been a formative experience for me and has helped me find my voice and feel confident in using it. As a woman whose views and experiences have often been dismissed, I am deeply humbled and grateful to have had this experience so early in my career.

I also recognize that a culture like this does not simply "happen." It is intentional. It is cultivated. I am thankful for all of the people behind the scenes who have worked hard to hire folks like these at UNCSOM and who continually seek feedback to improve.