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Medical Student COVID-19 Info

The UNC School of Medicine is closely monitoring the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. Included here are a variety of valuable resources for medical students

UNC SOM Student Expectations During COVID-19 Student Exposure and Symptom Protocol Latest Medical Student Information

OVID-19 Pandemic Expectations

Guidelines for student groups meeting on campus:

  • Wear masks and adhere to other community standards.
  • Student groups that gather on campus for instructional or administrative purposes can adhere to the posted limits on the classrooms you are using (10-50 in the larger rooms in Bondurant and up to 50 in the large auditorium in MBRB). Student Affairs can help your group with room scheduling. Maintain 6 feet physical distancing as much as possible. Examples of instructive or administrative purposes include planning meetings of your group, meetings to present information that enriches the education of students, faculty, or staff, meetings that help students with career planning).
  • When meeting for social reasons indoor on campus, adhere to the indoor gathering limits of 10
  • When meeting outside for social, instructional, or administrative purposes observe University gathering limits of 25 people.
  • The gathering limits are constantly changing so please continue to monitor changes.
  • Food may be served at events and purchased with funds from your organization. When not eating wear masks as much as possible.

Guidelines for student groups meeting off campus:

  • Wear masks and adhere to other community standards.
  • Adhere to Local and NC gathering limits (available on the North Carolina and Orange County websites). The current limits are 50 indoors and 100 outdoors. Given that the prevalence of COVID19 is still high we recommend that you I stay well under those limits.
  • Food may be served at events and purchased with funds from your organization. When not eating wear masks as much as possible.

Carolina Together Campus Map

Points of interest for students include:

  • Locations where masks are available
  • Locations where additional outdoor seating will be available for dining or studying
  • Locations of food trucks
  • Classrooms available for study space (Coming Soon)

Reporting Safety Concerns While on Clinical Rotations

Each health system has ways to report lapses in safety that you witness. The systems are all working hard to find multifaceted ways to ensure a safe learning and work environment, and in particular are enforcing COVID related guidelines more strongly. If you do see COVID related lapses or other safety concerns, you may use the systems reporting structure. Of course, always consider giving direct feedback if you see things like colleagues not wearing masks or not practicing appropriate social distancing.

  • UNC Health – SAFE available as app after logging on to Epic
  • Cone Health – Safety Zone Portal linked within EHR
  • New Hanover Regional Medical Center – Verge incident reporting system as icon on desktop
  • WakeMed – RL Solutions Incident Report
  • Atrium – Safety Concern Reporting
  • Asheville – contact Gaye Colvin (
  • If you are in a site that does not have a formal system for reporting please use the Student Mistreatment and Learning Environment Concern link or contact Student Affairs

Personal Protective Equipment and Covid-19 – Videos in Clinical Medicine

Given the threat of coronavirus disease 2019, or Covid-19, it is important to emphasize the use of proper precautions for infection control in health care settings.The best way for health care workers to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2 is through training and demonstrated competency in putting on and removing, also known as donning and doffing, personal protective equipment (PPE). Watch the videos here:

COVID Emergency Fund Form

Request emergency funds by submitting this form along with original documentation of your situation, including any relevant receipts, bills, statements, etc. to the Financial Aid Office. Learn More

Carolina COVID-19 Student Services Corps (Carolina CSSC)

As the need across the state has grown, student leaders from the School of Medicine have partnered with the Office of Interprofessional Education and Practice to form the Carolina Covid-19 Student Service Corps (CSSC). Carolina CSSC increases the capacity of health professional students to engage in service-learning to address the needs of health systems and communities across North Carolina (NC). Learn More

AAMC Specialty Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions to medical education across the country and several specialties have released guidance around their application cycle. Learn More