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Pre-Orientation Checklist

We are excited about your arrival! Leading up to Orientation Week (click to learn more), there will be items that need to be completed to facilitate a smooth transition to classwork and life at Chapel Hill.

If you have questions regarding the following Pre-Orientation Checklist items – please email Jane McDaniel, Assistant Director Foundation Phase (

Create Your ONYEN

Due: June 1, 2022

ONYEN = “Only Name You’ll Ever Need”
You will need this for items due later in the summer and to access information about financial aid and billing.

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Items To Complete in Slate

Due: June 15, 2022

Slate URL:

  • Summer Information
  • Attendance Policy
  • Exam and Quiz Policy
  • Technical Standards
  • Lecture Capture
  • Clinical Week Questionnaire
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Apply for your UNC OneCard

Due: July 22, 2022

You will take your SOM ID badge photo during the week of orientation, but you must submit a OneCard photo online. Click on the following link, review the photo requirements, and follow the steps to submit: Note that your OneCard may be used as a Voter ID card, so please make sure to upload a recent photo (no more than three years old). Please upload your photo AND sign the terms and conditions no later than Friday, July 22. If you do NOT sign the terms and conditions, your OneCard will NOT be printed. Please reach out to the OneCard office directly with any questions:
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Pre-Orientation Modules

Due: July 26, 2022

Download Examplify

Due: July 28, 2022

  • Starting at 5PM on Friday, July 22, you can download Examplify from ExamSoft
  • Go to:
  • Click on Login Button under “Exam Takers”
  • Under Item 2, click Download and follow steps to download Examplify on your laptop.
  • Institution ID: UNCMed
  • Complete Computer Set-up Requirements
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Foundation Phase Textbooks

Due: August 1, 2022

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Summer Reading Info

Due: By Orientation Week

Summer Reading Information
Your peers in the Class of 2025 have selected Being Mortal by Atul Gawande as your summer reading. They, in collaboration with Social and Health Systems faculty, will lead discussion groups during Orientation. You will receive a digital copy of the text once your email address is available. More information about the SHS reading assignment is attached.

The Office of Academic Excellence has also chosen Make it Stick as an additional summer reading book. The text can be found here: (the book can be downloaded or read online). Please use your UNC ONYEN/password to access these books through the Health Sciences Library at UNC-Chapel Hill. If you are having trouble accessing these books, please contact Sarah Wright, Health Sciences Library, School of Medicine Librarian, at

More information about summer reading and discussion assignment groups will be posted to the orientation web site later this summer.

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Review Technical information

Due: By Orientation Week

All incoming First-Year Medical Students will receive an iPad during Orientation Week – Please note that you will still need a computer that meets the minimum requirements.

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Review 2022-2023 Academic Calendar

Due: By Orientation Week

Academic Calendars can be found on the MD Program’s Curriculum website:

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Review Community Health Information

Due: By Orientation Week

The MD program updates COVID information here:

The University information about COVID and COVID 19 vaccination may be found here:

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Other Community Items

Due: N/A

Here are some additional items that we feel could bring value to your transition to the UNC School of Medicine community. All are optional and provided with no expectation of completion.

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