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Who needs an adjunct appointment?

An adjunct appointment is required for physicians and other licensed healthcare professionals who teach and evaluate medical students at the various teaching sites across the state.  These individuals are commonly referred to as ‘preceptors’.

People who already hold a regular appointment from a UNC clinical department do not need adjunct appointments.  This applies to most physicians and many other health care professionals who work at the hospitals and clinics in Chapel Hill, though the occasional exception may occur, in which case an adjunct appointment would be necessary.

Who recruits preceptors for clinical teaching?

Branch campuses or regional site directors (Charlotte, Asheville, Wilmington, Raleigh, and Greensboro) recruit preceptors and submit the request for an appointment to the appropriate clinical department.  For a few MD Program courses, the recruiting is done directly by UNC faculty and staff (Patient Centered Care Course and Community Based Longitudinal Care).

Requests for appointments that come directly from preceptors will not be accepted.

Who grants adjunct appointments?  Is there assistance in requesting appointments?

The appropriate UNC clinical department grants the adjunct appointment.  The UNC Office of Medical Education has a designated staff person to assist campuses and regional sites with their adjunct appointment requests and submissions.  This staff person facilitates the collection of required documents, manages the background check, and acts as a liaison to UNC clinical departments.

Staff Person: Doug Hudson (

What documentation is required for consideration of an adjunct appointment?

The designated staff person in the UNC Office of Medical Education works with staff at campuses and sites to collect the following:

  1. Letter of Recommendation requesting appointment.
  2. Preceptor’s CV (must be up to date and show employment at the site where the preceptor will be instructing students).
  3. Additional documentation required by department, if any.
  4. UNC Human Resources forms
    1. On the AP-2, the preceptor must complete sections 1-6 and sign section 7.
    2. On the AP-2a, the preceptor must complete all sections except “Primary Rank Title” as well as must initial and sign where indicated.

All candidates for adjunct appointments must complete and clear a state-mandated background check facilitated and paid for by UNC Office of Medical Education.  Candidates must also complete a background check questionnaire.  Preceptors with foreign degrees must submit a translated copy of their degree.  The background check office may require additional documentation.