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Department of Disability Services

The Department of Disability Services (DDS) mission is based on a philosophy of developing and providing services that permit students to, independently as possible, meet the demands of University life, with a goal of ensuring that all programs and facilities of the University are accessible to all members of the University community. There are numerous issues that face students in the University environment, therefore DDS works with programs, offices and departments throughout the University to insure access.

Based on each student’s individual need DDS provides services and accommodations that assist enrolled students with disabilities. Services and accommodations are provided based on presented documentation that indicates a substantial limitation that impact the demands of university life.

Some of the general services and accommodations may include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Registration Assistance assuring that classrooms and buildings are accessible and that travel time between classes is adequate.
  • Academic Assistance
    • Testing modifications – quizzes and examinations available in an accessible medium (braille/large print). Also, due to specific conditions, additional time may be allowed
    • Note-takers – are available for students who cannot take notes because of a physical impairment or hearing impairment
    • Readers – for students with visual impairments
    • Interpreters – for hearing impaired students
  • Campus Transportation – lift equipped vans, operated by the Department of Transportation and Parking provides accessible transportation between the various points of campus

The DDS offices are located in the basement of Steele Building. This office will soon be relocating to a new facility at the corner of Manning Drive and Ridge Road. They can be contacted at 919-962-8300 (V/TDD), by email or visit their website.

Learning Disability Services (LDS)

Learning Disability Services serves students with documented Learning Disabilities (LD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD). The mission of Learning Disability Services is to assist students in achieving their academic potential within the regular, academic competitive University curriculum. Learning Disability Services provides services and accommodations to students and serves as an academic resource to instructors and administrators.

The LDS office is located in 137 East Franklin Street and can be contacted at
919-962-7227, or visit their website at:

Testing and Classroom Accommodations for Medical Students

Please contact Deborah J. Ingersoll, Office of Student Affairs, 1050 Bondurant Hall, 843-6171, or e-mail her for more information.

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