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General Information

The UNC School of Medicine website provides a comprehensive overview of the outstanding educational, clinical service, scholarly, and extracurricular activities available to students. If you still have questions after reviewing the website, please contact us.
The UNC Graduate School website provides a comprehensive overview of the programs and activities available to students. If you still have questions after reviewing the website, please contact us.
Check out our directions page. If you are using a GPS, try using these addresses instead of our mailing address:

  • Our Building: 101 Manning Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27599
  • Our Parking Deck: Search: “Corner of East Dr. and Manning Dr.” or “East Dr. + Manning Dr.”
During the interviewing season, as part of the interview day, current medical students give applicants a tour of the medical school. Otherwise, we invite you to tour our campus any time. You are also welcome to visit us in the Admissions Office at 1001 Bondurant Hall. So that we can better serve you, send your request for a personal tour to, and one of our students will contact you about setting up a tour. Personal tours are only for people who are not currently applying to medical school. Please be considerate of this guideline, as we do not have the resources to accommodate current applicants. If an applicant is selected to be interviewed, they will receive the same tour on the day of their interview.

Prerequisites and Requirements

The MD-PhD Program has the same prerequisites as the Medical School. They are described on the Medical School Admissions Website.

For more information about our prerequisites and requirements for admission, click here or view our full Admissions Policies document here.

Our mean MCAT score is 517, and our mean GPA is 3.8.
We only require MCAT scores for admission. If you have taken the GRE, you may provide those scores as well. If you are a student interested in pursuing a non-traditional PhD discipline, you may need to take the GRE for admission to that program. We strongly encourage non-traditional applicants to contact those PhD departments directly in order to fully understand their admissions process and applicant pool.


Applications are available online through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). If you are interested in applying to the UNC School of Medicine MD-PhD Program, you must submit your application to AMCAS by October 1. All applicants who submit an AMCAS application will be sent a supplemental application in a subsequent email, which will provide a link for filling it out.
If you are interested in applying to the UNC MD-PhD Program, your AMCAS application must be submitted by October 1.
Yes, we do. Reapplicants are limited to an initial application plus three reapplications, for a total of four applications.
Yes, we consider all applicants who are citizens of the United States or permanent residents.
We consider students who are in their first year of PhD training.
We consider MD students enrolled at the University of North Carolina for admission. Students must be in the Foundational Phase of curriculum to be eligible. Please contact us for more information.
Our staff corresponds primarily through email. If it has been more than six weeks since your application was verified by AMCAS and you still have not heard from us, please call the office at 919-843-6507 or 919-966-9409. You can also send an email to .
We are unable to accept updates to your application once it has been verified by AMCAS.
It is not necessary for applicants to designate a specific program within the Graduate School at the time the application is made to the MD-PhD Program. Students who are interested in departments that participate in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program (BBSP) do not need to select their departments until the summer before their first semester of graduate school. Individuals who are interested in departments that do not participate in the BBSP must make their department selection by the end of the first semester of their second year. See our section on PhD Departments for a detailed list.
Individuals accepted into our program receive a yearly stipend of $32,500, tuition, tuition-related fees, and health insurance. Students are responsible for all other charges, including yearly disability insurance, computer purchase, books, laboratory fees, and parking.
If you wish to apply to both the MD-PhD Program and programs for PhD-only, you must apply to the MD-PhD Program through AMCAS and then to each UNC PhD program separately by submitting applications through the Graduate School. Information on applying to PhD programs at UNC can be found on the UNC Graduate School website.
No. You can only apply to one program or the other.
If you decide to withdraw your application from consideration before you have interviewed, please notify us using this Withdrawal/Declination Form.

If you have already interviewed and decide to withdraw your application from consideration, please contact the MD-PhD Program office directly. The deadline for notifying medical schools that you do not intend to matriculate is April 30.


Applicants who are selected for interviews visit UNC on one of three interview weekends, one held in December and two held in late January.

Transportation, lodging, and food for interviewing applicants are provided by the program. On interview weekends, applicants arrive in Chapel Hill on Saturday afternoon and spend the weekend interacting with current students and faculty members in a relaxed social environment. Then, on Monday, the formal interviews are held in conjunction with both the Medical School and the Graduate School.

International Applicants

No, we do not accept applications from individuals who are not either citizens of the United States or permanent residents of the United States.