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  1. To understand the basic terminology and techniques of chest x-rays
  2. To gain familiarity with “the normal chest x-ray”
  3. To learn and practice a standardized sequence of chest x-ray interpretation
  4. To learn and be able to recognize several common chest x-ray abnormalities

Dr. Klipstein’s Transition Clerkship Presentation: 
Chest Xrays (with audio) Part 1   Part 2

Suggested Readings:
  1. Goodman, Felson’s Principles of Chest Roentgenology, Fourth Edition, 2014. Amazon link
  2. Daffner, Clinical Radiology: The Essentials, Fourth Edition, 2013. Amazon link
  3. Introduction to Chest Radiology, from University of Virginia School of Medicine website
  4. Radiology Masterclass, Chest X-ray Tutorials
  5. Lieberman’s Interactive Tutorials in Radiology (from Harvard):
    1. Systematic Approach to Evaluating Chest Xrays (75 minute voice over tutorial)
    2. Other tutorials (including more on Chest, Abdominal and Musculoskeletal xrays)
Students should be familiar with the following:
  1. CHF with pulmonary edema
  2. Alveolar infiltrates (lobar pneumonia)
  3. Interstitial infiltrates
  4. Pulmonary mass(es)
  5. Pleural effusions
  6. Pneumothorax