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Students are expected to attend:

Conference Description Description
Clinical Topics Dr. Klipstein lectures See Google calendar
Professor Rounds Students present patient cases to selected faculty members See Google calendar (and also Professor Rounds page for more information)
Faculty lecture to whole Dept of Medicine
Thursdays, 12–1pm, 4th floor Old Clinic Auditorium
Chief Resident sessions Lectures / case presentations
Thursdays 1:10–2pm, 133 MacNider


Students are encouraged to attend:

Conference Description When/Where
Morning Report Resident led case presentations
Everyday except Thursdays, 7:45–8:30am, 133 MacNider
Resident Noon Conference
Faculty presentations to residents and students
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 12–1pm, 4th floor Old Clinic Auditorium

Generic Weekly Schedule:

Morning Report

Time Monday Tuesday Wed Thursday Friday
7:45-8:30am Morning Report Morning Report Morning Report
12-1pm Resident Conference or *** Resident Conference or *** Resident Conference or *** Grand Rounds or M&M Core Lecture
1:10–2pm Chief Resident conference
1–4pm *** *** ***

*** Professor Rounds or Clinical Topics lectures may occur during these times. Please see Google calendar for exact schedule