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Each spring, the Academy of Educators (AOE) invites UNC School of Medicine faculty to nominate up-and-coming faculty with a passion for teaching medical education and educational scholarship. This year, the AOE had an unprecedented number of applications – over 100 applications were received. The AOE also launched a new Mentored Member program for faculty who do not meet the two-year membership eligibility requirement. Through this program, the ‘Mentored Members’ will be paired with a mentor of similar education interests and will participate in medical education journal clubs.

From the UNC Department of Medicine, the AOE accepted 4 new faculty and 31 new resident/fellow members, listed below.
New faculty members:  Maureen Dale, Bennal Perkins, Koyal Jain, and Saira Sheikh
Inaugural Mentored Members:  Evan Raff, Ben Blomberg, Christine Gladman, Karen Kimel-Scott, Claire Larson, Karina Whelan, Naseem Alavian, Kunal Patel, and Neil Shah.

New resident members:  Hillary Spangler, Sarah Todd, Anthony Dang, Benjamin DeMarco, Mary (Maggie) DeVane, Maxwell Diddams, Grayson Eubanks, Sean Gaffney, Katherine Gill, Sydney Greenberg, Edwin Gunn, Jared Nathanson, Carlos Rubiano, Adam Younis, Matthew Waters, Oluseyi Fayanju, Joshua Hudson, Godly Jack, Amanda Kovacich, Adam Schwartz, Jonathan Sorah, and Nathaniel Warner.

Altogether, 117 new members were accepted for the 2019-2020 year. All will be inducted at this year’s Alan W. Cross Evening of Scholarship on May 23, 2019, an event that will celebrate the accomplishments of the previous year, welcome new members, and award outstanding educators in the community.