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AOE_UNCThe UNC School of Medicine Academy of Educators (AOE) has welcomed 99 new members, and 24 are from the UNC Department of Medicine. Founded on enhancing research and scholarship toward excellence in teaching, the AOE annually seeks nominations for faculty and residents/fellows who strive for the creation and design of new curricular materials and scholarly research within medical education, and the willingness to implement new methodology and technology. Acceptance to the Academy brings expectations of continued leadership in educational initiatives and active participation in the Academy’s programming. From the UNC Department of Medicine, the AOE accepted 10 new faculty and 14 new resident/fellow members.

New faculty members:

Christine Khandelwal
Rimma Osipov
Raquel Reyes
Meredith Gilliam
Hannah Coletti
Russell Coletti
Alyssa Tilly
Sofija Volertas
Raven Voora
Thelsa Weickert

New resident/fellow members:

Katherine Allen
Luke Baldelli
Ana Bermudez
Jamie Campbell
Michael Croglio
Emily Sanders
Mason Sanders
Thomas Shuman
De-Vaughn Williams
Diya Jost
Melissa Wooten
Daniel Duddleston
Enid Sun
Sonia Abichandan

Congratulations to all of these new members in the UNC Department of Medicine!