The UNC Internal Medicine Residency Program held the Annual Resident Research Day on Friday, April 12.

Michael Guo received the basic science award.
Michael Guo received the basic science award.

Residents work diligently throughout the year to create projects in the categories of clinical vignettes, clinical research and quality improvement. They are scored according to clinical relevance and originality of project/scholarship, resident involvement in project/scholarship, resident presentation and knowledge of project/scholarship, and by poster quality. A judging panel then recognizes the best posters in each category, and cash prizes are awarded.

Faculty judged resident research.
Faculty judged resident research.

The event also invited humanities submissions, embracing all that the humanities have to offer by way of clinical reasoning and wellness within the residency program’s formal curriculum. The annual event is an opportunity for residents and faculty members to meet, mingle and foster future mentoring relationships. Thank you to all who submitted entries, and congratulations to the following winners.

Sean Gaffney, MD, won the clinical vignette award.
Sean Gaffney, MD, won the clinical vignette award.

Clinical Vignette Awards 

Sean Gaffney, MD – Upsetting Dr. Beers: Why We Gave Lorazepam to an 81-year-old patient

Honorable Mentions were awarded to: Bryan Q. Abadie, MD – Lung Cancer? Low Platelets? Check the Heart: Thrombotic Endocarditis in a Patient with Lung Adenocarcinoma and DIC, and Dillon Cockrell, MD – Acute embolic stroke in a healthy 49-year-old female: Tamoxifen to blame?


Clinical Research Award

Bryan Q. Abadie, MD – Likelihood of spontaneous cardioversion using a conservative management strategy among patients presenting to the emergency department for atrial fibrillation

Balvir Singh, MD, discussed his research project with Lee Berkowitz, MD.
Balvir Singh, MD, discussed his research project with Lee Berkowitz, MD.

Basic Science Award

Michael Guo, MD, PhD – Integrating human genetic and epigenetic data to identify causal mechanisms underlying multiple sclerosis

Quality Improvement Award

Balvir Singh, MD – Empowering Providers with the Ability to Prescribe the Most Affordable Medicines for Patients: An Unfinished Dream

Balvir Singh, MD, received the award for quality improvement.


Medical Education Awards

Sean Gaffney, MD, M.Ed, and Gary Winzelberg, MD, MPH – When See One, Do One, Teach One Isn’t Enough: Assessing Internal Medicine Residents’ Code Status Communication Training Needs

David Lynch, MD, James Rogers, MD, Katie Gill, MD, and Katie Allen, MD – Resident Teaching Elective: A Model for Developing Our Medical Educators

Jared Nathanson, MD – Resident Training Videos & iOS Application Development for Ultrasound Assisted Procedures

Chief Resident Grace Prince, MD, announced humanities winners, encouraging everyone to read the poignant and powerful words of her colleagues.

Humanities Awards

Oluseyi Fayanju, MD – Embarazada and Ann Marie Kumfer, MD The Sunset