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Division of Cardiology

The SUDDEN Project takes pride in the many relationships it has developed with our numerous partners and collaborators. Without either, SUDDEN could not properly characterize out-of-hospital sudden unexpected death (OHSUD) nor develop and implement the preventative measures that will reduce its incidence.

Our partners provide the information necessary to describe these victims and will serve a vital role in the implementation of targeted preventative measures. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) submit trip data that shed light on victim circumstance immediately prior to death. These records help accurately determine which people truly died suddenly and unexpectedly. In addition to EMS agencies, SUDDEN partners with hospital case managers and community health agencies. We believe the road to prevention and reduction of OHSUD involves the collaboration amongst these three groups and SUDDEN plans to facilitate that partnership.

Our collaborators work alongside SUDDEN to develop various research projects in hopes of better understanding OHSUD. SUDDEN shares its unique dataset with collaborators and aids in the data analysis and writing of abstracts, posters, and papers. Additionally, collaborators provide invaluable insight into ways to improve the project to ensure SUDDEN accurately portrays OHSUD victims. Teamwork is necessary for any large-scale project and we welcome and encourage involvement in the SUDDEN Project.