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  • sidney-barritt

    Barritt, Moon Co-author Nature Reviews Article on COVID-19 and Liver Disease

    A. Sidney Barritt, IV, MD, MSCR, associate professor and director of hepatology in the division of  gastroenterology and hepatology; and Andrew Moon, MD, MPH, a fellow in the division; are co-authors of a featured article published recently in Nature Reviews: Gastroenterology & Hepatology. The article, “COVID-19 and liver disease: mechanistic and clinical perspectives,” explo … Continued

  • Marking Carolina’s Pandemic Year: Big Tent, One Team

    Many leaders and researchers from the division of infectious diseases and the UNC Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases are featured in a new story from The Well, marking Carolina’s Pandemic Year.  Discover how a multidisciplinary research partnership built to fight HIV, Ebola and other infectious diseases turned its people, expertise and experience to fight COVID-1 … Continued

  • joe-eron

    Eron Awarded Herman and Louise Smith Distinguished Professorship

     Joe Eron, MD, professor of medicine and chief of the division of infectious diseases was awarded the Herman and Louise Smith Distinguished Professorship on March 10, 2021. Joe Eron, MD, professor of medicine and adjunct professor of epidemiology, is an internationally recognized researcher, teacher and clinician who treats HIV patients at UNC Eastowne. Eron also serves as direct … Continued

  • seth-berkowitz

    Berkowitz Receives SGIM Outstanding Junior Investigator of the Year Award

    Seth A. Berkowitz, MD, MPH, assistant professor in the division of general medicine and clinical epidemiology, has received the Society of General Internal Medicine 2021 Outstanding Junior Investigator of the Year Award. The award provides national recognition to junior investigators for their early career achievements and overall body of work that has made a national impact on g … Continued

  • Josh Niznik, PharmD, PhD

    Nearly All Seniors Take Meds That Raise Their Odds of Falling

    Among older Americans, deaths from falls are up sharply, dovetailing with a surge in use of medications that increase the risk of falling, researchers say. Two decades ago, about 57% of U.S. seniors took medications that increased their risk of falls. By 2017, that number had risen to 94%, and deaths caused by falls had more than doubled, a new study found, published in the journ … Continued

  • Wohl-CBS17-Examining-Vaccine-Side-Effects

    Researchers Continue to Examine COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

    If you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine you’re more than likely among the millions of Americans who have experienced some sort of side effects, reports CBS-17. According to the CDC, side effects are a sign that the body is building immunity, but people should call their doctor if the symptoms don’t go away after a few days. And, as more people receive the vaccine, researchers are n … Continued

  • Shaheen Co-authors Study that Shows New Barrett’s Esophagus Monitoring Method Could Aid in Easier and More Precise Prognoses

    Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPH, the Mary Kay and Eugene Bozymski and Linda and William Heizer Distinguished Professor of Medicine and chief of the division of gastroenterology and hepatology, co-authored a study focused on a new technique for sampling and testing cells from Barrett’s esophagus patients, which could result in earlier and easier identification of patients whose disea … Continued

  • Research Shows Promise For Antiviral Drug to Treat COVID-19

    Victor Garcia, PhD, professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases, and Angela Wahl, PhD, assistant professor, talked with FOX 8 News about the antiviral drug EIDD-2801, which could be the standard way to treat COVID-19, possibly within the next few months. Prior to the pandemic, Garcia and Wahl were working on a new model to study how viruses and bacteria take aim … Continued

  • david-wohl

    Women More Likely to Experience Serious Side Effects From COVID-19 Vaccine, CDC Study Reveals

    David Wohl, MD, professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases, talked with ABC-11 News about a CDC study that reveals women are more likely to experience serious side effects from COVID-19 vaccines. The CDC study looked at data from the first 13.7 million COVID-19 vaccine doses given to Americans. Among the side effects reported to federal officials, more than 79% … Continued

  • Ross Boyce, MD, MSc

    Boyce Awarded ‘Caregivers at Carolina’ Research Funding

    Ross Boyce, MD, MSc, assistant professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases, has received a Caregivers at Carolina Research Award. Boyce’s research focuses on the epidemiology of vector-borne diseases (i.e. malaria) in rural sub-Saharan Africa as well as the development of appropriate diagnosis and management tools. The goal of the Caregivers at Carolina (“Caregiv … Continued