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  • Danicela-Younce-MD

    Featured Physician: Dr. Danicela Younce

    Danicela Younce, MD, provides excellent care to hospitalized patients and is involved in medical student and resident education. Dr. Younce immigrated from Cuba to reside in Florida until attending college at UNC. Although she has always wanted to be a physician, being a celebrity travel chef would have been cool too! 

  • Featured Physician: Ravi K. Mallavarapu

    Ravi K. Mallavarapu, MD, a nephrologist interested in living donor kidney transplantation, was inspired to become a doctor by his grandfather. If he didn’t purse a career in medicine, Dr. Mallavarapu may have become a naturalist who is involved in the conservation of trees and wildlife. The abundant nature in North Carolina and UNC’s mission were two of the reasons he now finds h … Continued

  • Featured Physician: Adam Moskowitz

    If Adam Moskowitz, MD, was not a cardiologist his back up plan was to become a rockstar. As a native of North Carolina he strongly aligns with UNC’s mission to serve the people of the state. When not at work, you can find Dr. Moskowitz at the beach with his two kids and wife. 

  • Casey Adams, MD

    Featured Physician: Casey Gazda, MD

    Casey Gazda, MD is an assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Cardiology. She is a non-invasive cardiologist, who specializes in advanced cardiac imaging, including cardiac CT and structural/interventional echocardiography. She is the only person in her family to have gone to college, so she is proud to have carried herself through all the education and training requir … Continued

  • Featured Physician: Amika Sood, MD

    Amika Sood, MD, is an assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology. Dr. Sood evaluates patients in the UNC Allergy clinic with a broad range of allergic disorders. If she wasn’t a physician, she may have been an interior designer, event planner or professional baker… “The possibilities are endless!” 

  • evan-morris-zeitler

    Featured Physician: Evan Morris Zeitler, MD

    Evan Morris Zeitler, MD, is an assistant professor in the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension. He has been interested in teaching and human physiology since he was 13 years old, when he volunteered at the Natural History Museum in Denver, Colorado.

  • Jonathan Sorah

    Featured Physician: Jonathan Sorah, MD

    Jonathan Sorah, MD is an assistant professor and clinician educator in the Division of Oncology. As a medical oncologist, Dr. Sorah focuses on gastrointestinal and skin cancers, delivering compassionate, thoughtful, and evidence-based care. He strives to be an advocate for his patients and considers it a great honor to walk alongside patients through their cancer journeys.

  • Featured Physician: Katie Allen, MD

    Dr. Katie Allen is an assistant professor in the Division of General Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology. Her research and clinical interests include medical education, Women’s Health, MOUD (medication for Opioid Use Disorder), and underserved populations. Dr. Allen believes it is imperative that patients understand their disease processes, and I strive to teach patients about dis … Continued

  • Featured Physician: Samuel R. Wilson, MD, MSCR

    Dr. Samuel R. Wilson is an assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Hematology. He is interested in the management of individuals with sickle cell disease and other red blood cell disorders. Specifically, Dr. Wilson’s work is aimed at understanding the unique complications in the aging sickle cell population and figuring out ways of improving the overall health of these … Continued

  • Kenton-Dover-featured-physician

    Featured Physician: Kenton Dover, MD

    Dr. Kenton Dover comes from Bear Grass, North Carolina, and was a Protestant minister prior to studying medicine. His desire to help people, especially in the most challenging of life’s circumstances, ultimately led him to pursue a career as a physician in pulmonary diseases and critical care medicine. In addition to clinical work, he’s interested in quality improvement, palliati … Continued

  • Shakira-Grant-directory

    Featured Physician: Shakira J. Grant, MBBS

    Dr. Shakira Grant was born in Barbados and says she knew around the age of 11 or 12, when her grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer, that she would become an oncologist. She also says UNC felt like home when she visited, and it was the “ease of conversation, welcoming smiles, and the collegial atmosphere” that helped her know UNC was the place to be.

  • Eric Klett, MD

    Featured Physician: Eric Klett, MD

    Dr. Klett is an assistant professor of medicine in the division of endocrinology and metabolism. His specialty areas include general endocrinology, thyroid disease, lipid disorders, and transgender medicine.