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  • Shakira-Grant-directory

    Featured Physician: Shakira J. Grant, MBBS

    Dr. Shakira Grant was born in Barbados and says she knew around the age of 11 or 12, when her grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer, that she would become an oncologist. She also says UNC felt like home when she visited, and it was the “ease of conversation, welcoming smiles, and the collegial atmosphere” that helped her know UNC was the place to be.

  • melissa-wooten-embrace-returns

    Internal Medicine Residency Program Holds Noon Conference Series EMBRACE: “Ending Medical Bias and Racism by Advocating for Change and Equity”

    Attitudes and behaviors of medical providers have been identified as one of the many factors that can contribute to health disparities. Implicit bias describes thoughts and feelings that people unknowingly hold and express automatically, without conscious awareness. Project EMBRACE, the acronym for “Ending Medical Bias and Racism by Advocating for Change and Equity” was a collabo … Continued

  • marjory-charlot

    The Power in Our Hands: Addressing Racism in the Workplace

    An essay written by Marjory Charlot, MD, MPH, MSc, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, recounts a recent experience with racism directed towards her from a patient on the inpatient oncology service. The incident occurred during morning rounds while she was supervising two medical interns. Charlot writes how she was “caught off guard” when her white elderly patient, wit … Continued

  • diversity-hands

    Medicine Introduces New Diversity Champions: Rosengren-Hovee and Jones Tell Why They Became Champions

    Racial and ethnic diversity among healthcare professionals is crucial to providing high quality healthcare that is accessible, equitable, and culturally competent. The provision of culturally competent healthcare requires a community that thinks intentionally about inclusion at all levels. It also requires a workforce that represents the population and communities that are served … Continued

  • Khadijah Bhatti, MD

    Dr. Khadijah Bhatti is from High Point, NC, and she graduated from Duke University and the UNC School of Medicine. She says she appreciates North Carolina in all of its complicated glory, and she can’t wait to see what her class can accomplish by working together.

  • Ria Dancel, MD, FAAP

    Featured Physician: Ria Dancel, MD

    Dr. Ria Dancel is an associate professor of medicine and pediatrics in the division of hospital medicine. She’s also associate chief for education and director of UNC’s Medicine Procedure Service. Dr. Dancel specializes in care of hospitalized adults and children, bedside ultrasound at the point of care, ultrasound guided procedures and resident education.

  • Marvin McBride, MD, MBA

    Featured Physician: Marvin McBride, MD, MBA

    Dr. Marvin McBride is assistant clinical professor of geriatric medicine and medical director of The Cedars of Chapel Hill Retirement Community.

  • Eric Klett, MD

    Featured Physician: Eric Klett, MD

    Dr. Klett is an assistant professor of medicine in the division of endocrinology and metabolism. His specialty areas include general endocrinology, thyroid disease, lipid disorders, and transgender medicine.

  • Maureen C. Dale, MD

    Featured Physician: Maureen C. Dale, MD

    Maureen C. Dale, MD, is an assistant clinical professor in the division of geriatric medicine. Her specialty areas include outpatient primary geriatric care, geriatric syndromes including frailty and cognitive impairment, care of hospitalized older adults and graduate medical education in geriatrics.

  • Gerald Hladik, MD

    Meet the Program Directors: Gerald Hladik, MD

    Dr. Hladik is the Doc J Thurston Distinguished Professor of Medicine; Medical Director, Acute Dialysis Unit, UNC Hospitals; Director, Nephrology Training Program; Chief, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension

  • Ashley Henderson, MD

    Meet the Program Directors: Ashley Henderson, MD

    Dr. Henderson is Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care Medicine and is Program Director of the Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program.

  • Jean Dostou, MD

    Meet the Program Directors: Jean Dostou, MD

    Dr. Dostou is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism and is the Director of the Endocrinology Fellowship Program.