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  • Featured Staff Member: Alejandro Fernandez

    Alejandro Fernandez is a business manager with the McAllister Heart Institute. Originally from Honduras, he has lived in the U.S. for nearly 10 years. Aside from working on a great team Alejandro enjoys being a dad and playing pickleball! Interestingly, he nor his son have a middle name. 

  • Match Day 2023: Welcome to the Class of 2023

    Years of hard work and dreams were folded into envelopes, decorative boxes and other means of message delivery. On March 17th, medical students discovered where their career journey would take them for residency. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Internal Medicine Residency Program paired 27 categorical residents, two Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) re … Continued

  • What You Should Know about the Lone Star Tick’s Impact on our Gut, Diet

    An eight-legged brown creature about a quarter inch in size could make you want to skip out on your next cheeseburger. Found in North Carolina, the Midwest and Southern U.S., the Lone Star Tick can transmit the alpha-gal sugar, a sugar present in all mammals except humans, into the blood through its bite. This causes some to become allergic to mammalian (mammal) meat. These ticks … Continued

  • Anil-Gehi, MD

    Dr. Gehi Puts AI Intelligence System to the Test

    GPT-4, the new version of the ChatGPT artificial intelligence system, is making waves for it’s ability to describe images, summarize text and even give medical advice. Dr. Anil Gehi, Sewell Family-McAllister Distinguished Professor in the Division of Cardiology, put the technology to the test. Dr. Gehi described the medical history of a patient he had recently seen, including the … Continued

  • Faculty Receive Recognition from IM Residents

    Providing excellent medical education is one of the Department’s core missions. It is through the guidance of our dedicated faulty we are able to prepare residents for diverse career paths. The following individuals received high marks on resident evaluations. Division of Hospital Medicine   Division of General Medicine and Epidemiology Division of Geriatric Medicine   … Continued

  • Featured Advanced Practice Professional: Rachel Collins

    Rachel Collins, a nurse practitioner, cares for patients in our dialysis centers and enjoys creating strong patient-provider relationships. An amazing mom of three, Rachel also likes to garden, draw, exercise and eat pizza with all the fixings! If she didn’t have a career in medicine she would have liked to purse interior or landscape design.

  • Dr. Richard Loeser

    Dr. Richard Loeser Receives $2 Million NIH Grant to Study “Oxidative Stress and the Development of Osteoarthritis”

    The grant is a 5-year renewal of existing research funded by the National Institute of Aging. The overall goal of the research project is to understand the mechanisms by which oxidative stress governs development and maintenance of the senescence-associated secretory phenotype in articular joints. Dr. Loeser is Director of the UNC Thurston Arthritis Research Center, and is the Jo … Continued

  • ‘A Whole New Life,’ Sonya Marshmon Receives A New Heart

    Sonya Marshmon’s journey with heart failure started in 1997 when her son, Cameron, was just 3 months old. In late 2021, it became clear she would need a heart transplant. As Sonya got sicker, she fought hard to continue to see her son grow up. In just a matter of weeks, Dr. Patricia Chang, MD, MHS, Director of the Heart Failure and Transplant Program at UNC Hospitals and the team … Continued

  • Study Shows Standardizing National Treatment Guidelines Could Prevent Health Disparities in Care

    Dissertations build on multiple disciplinary perspectives with new contributions to global health knowledge and practice. Lauren Zalla’s project, guided by infectious disease professors Ada Adimora, MD, MPH, and Joe Eron, MD, is a good example. Bringing clinical expertise to Zalla’s dissertation committee, they helped her design a study that explored racial disparities in the pre … Continued

  • Shakira_Grant-1-200x300

    Dr. Shakira Grant nominated for 2023 Disruptor Award

    Dr. Shakira Grant was recently nominated for a 2023 Healio NextGen Disruptor Award. You can vote for Dr. Grant here (voting closes April 1). According to Healio, “This award recognizes an up-and-coming physician who already is disrupting the status quo in the field through new techniques, new thoughts, questioning methods or breakthrough research.” Healio will host the annual hem … Continued

  • Novel Peanut Allergy Treatment Shown to be Safe, Effective, and Lasting

    A four-year clinical trial led by Edwin Kim, MD, associate professor of medicine and pediatrics, has found that an increased dosage of a unique type of peanut allergy immunotherapy continues to show promise for children.

  • Jaime Foster

    Featured Staff Member: Jaime Foster

    Jaime Foster plays a large role in making sure the Department of Medicine runs smoothly and after 13 years she is still met with new tasks to take on every day. Jaime is also a traveler at heart and often likes to adventure without a specific destination planned. Soon she hopes to explore internationally.