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  • John R. Stephens, MD

    New Counseling Process for Administering Naltrexone in Hospitalized Patients

    UNC hospitalists publish a study that describes the effectiveness of counseling hospitalized patients with alcohol withdrawal, using naltrexone.

  • Ria Dancel, MD, FAAP

    Featured Physician: Ria Dancel, MD

    Dr. Ria Dancel is an associate professor of medicine and pediatrics in the division of hospital medicine. She’s also associate chief for education and director of UNC’s Medicine Procedure Service. Dr. Dancel specializes in care of hospitalized adults and children, bedside ultrasound at the point of care, ultrasound guided procedures and resident education.

  • Research Highlights: Hospital Medicine

    Complex Care Committee Develops Individualized Care Plans – Beth Ann Brubaker, MD   Individualized care plans (ICPs) have been created for patients who are high utilizers of inpatient resources. In some cases this high utilization has been due to fractioned/inefficient medical care and in other cases due to social/addiction issues. Most of these patients have chronic medical … Continued

  • Hospitalists Christopher Caulfield, MD, and John Stephens, MD

    Hospitalists Identify Unnecessary Practice for Low-Risk Chest Pain

    Medicine hospitalists have recognized unnecessary practices for low-risk chest pain in an article recently published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine.

  • David Hemsey, MD

    David Hemsey, MD, Named Chief of Hospital Medicine Division

    The Division of Hospital Medicine is the newest division in the Department of Medicine, established in July of 2016, and was formerly a program within the Division of General Medicine.

  • Ria Dancel, MD

    Dr. Ria Dancel Describes Benefits of UNC Medicine Procedure Service in Chair’s Corner Podcast

    The latest Chair’s Corner episode features a conversation with Dr. Ron Falk and Dr. Ria Dancel, Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Hospital Medicine. Dr. Dancel highlights the procedures that the UNC Medicine Procedure provides and how the service helps resident training as well as patient care.

  • Ria Dancel, MD, FAAP

    Research Highlights: Hospital Medicine

    Dr. Ria Dancel is dually appointed in the Department of Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics. She is the Director of the Medicine Procedure Service, led by proceduralist attendings working with resident physicians to perform diagnostic and therapeutic bedside procedures. This service was created in 2014 in order to provide efficient and safe procedures and to standardize res … Continued