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  • joe-eron

    Study Compares Mortality Among People Entering HIV Care with General US Population

    HIV-related mortality has decreased since 1996 due to improving treatments and evolving care guidelines, but the extent to which persons entering HIV care have a higher risk for death over the following years, compared with peers in the general population, has been unclear. Joseph Eron, MD, the Herman and Louise Smith Distinguished Professor of Medicine and chief of the division … Continued

  • MikeCohenNAMheadshotsJCL201.jpg

    Study Finds Bamlanivimab Reduces Risk of COVID in Skilled Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

    Myron Cohen, MD, is the lead investigator of a study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that shows bamlanivimab monotherapy reduced the incidence of infection in skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities with high risk of SARS-CoV-2 exposure. The randomized phase 3 clinical trial included 966 residents and staff participants fr … Continued

  • Edward-Browne-directory-scaled-1-600x600

    Browne Lab Earns NIH Grant to Study Cannabis Effects on HIV Reservoir

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the NIH, is funding the Browne lab in the UNC HIV Cure Center for a study on the effects of cannabis use on the reservoir of HIV that is dormant within patients but becomes activated and spreads when antiretroviral medications are ceased. This phenomenon is called HIV latency, and it’s considered the main barrier to eradicating the vi … Continued

  • david-wohl

    Wohl Says If People Are Waiting For a “Magical Moment” to Get Vaccinated, This Is It

    The delta variant now accounts for half of the COVID-19 cases in many areas of the U.S., President Joe Biden said Tuesday, urging unvaccinated Americans to get the COVID-19 shots as the U.S. faces a dramatic rise in the “hypertransmissible” variant of the coronavirus. An NBC Today Health report asks experts about the effectiveness of current vaccines against the delta variant. Da … Continued

  • MikeCohenNAMheadshotsJCL201.jpg

    Here’s How to Design Drug Trials to Defeat the Next Pandemic

    Myron Cohen, MD, began his career fighting HIV in the early 1980s, and he’s been battling the epidemic around the world ever since. But he has never worked as hard to generate new therapies and save lives as he has during the Covid-19 crisis. “Desperation or urgency can push us away from the scientific method,” Cohen said in a CNN Health report. “It is better to not throw stuff a … Continued

  • weber-860x574-1-600x400-1.jpeg

    As Delta Variant Spreads, Doctors Urge Balancing Safety and Celebration Over Holiday Weekend

    As fireworks shows and 4th of July events return across the Triangle, doctors stress the need for people to celebrate safely. “The Delta variant has steadily increased in the US from just being a few percent a number of weeks ago to CDC reports more than 20% of all the cases,” said  David Weber, MD, MPH, in an ABC-11 news report. “Sitting at say an outdoor stadium watching firewo … Continued

  • david-wohl

    How Will We Know If NC’s Vaccine Lottery Is Working?

    The number of North Carolinians getting their first shots has plateaued during the three weeks since the state announced a series of $1 million drawings for vaccinated people. An ABC-11 news report recognizes the numerous incentives being offered to persuade people to get their shots, and asks experts if they are working. David Wohl, MD, professor of medicine in the division of i … Continued

  • weber-860x574-1-600x400-1.jpeg

    NC’s $25 Cash Card Program Expands to 38 Counties As State Hopes to Boost Vaccination Rates

    North Carolina health officials are expanding the number of locations where you can get a $25 cash card for getting the COVID-19 vaccine or taking someone to get vaccinated. The $25 is meant to offset the time and transportation costs of getting the shot. After a trial period in just a few North Carolina counties, the program is expanding. David Weber, MD, MPH, professor of medic … Continued

  • David Wohl, MD

    Delta Variant Causes Concern As Cases Rise Across the Southeast

    A CBS-17 report says the COVID-19 variant that infected eight N.C. State baseball players can infect twice as many people as the virus last year. The report also acknowledged doctors are mostly concerned about those who are not vaccinated, including David Wohl, MD, professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases. “Because the virus evolves to become more fit just lik … Continued

  • Cindy Gay, MD, MPH

    Gay Discusses Research That Suggests COVID-19 Vaccines Could Provide Protection For Years

    So much of the world hoped for vaccines that were effective for a long time in fighting COVID-19. Cindy Gay, MD, MPH, associate professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases, who leads the UNC School of Medicine’s Moderna clinical trial, recognized a study published in the journal Nature that suggests vaccines could be long lasting. “The fact that the vaccines prev … Continued