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  • david-wohl

    Wohl Discusses Pfizer’s FDA Approval, the Strain On Area Hospitals, the New Covid Variant, and When To Expect a ‘Covid Normalcy’

    Wohl Hopes FDA Approval Will Encourage Vaccinations David Wohl, MD, professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases, talked with about the FDA giving fully approval to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine. “I think this helps for those people who are on the fence,” said Wohl. “Here’s another reason, another thing to think about in your decision-making and now it is ful … Continued

  • david-wohl

    ‘Breakthrough’ Infections Increasing in NC, But Vaccinated People Much Less Likely to Be Hospitalized, Die

    Nearly one-fifth of the coronavirus infections reported in North Carolina during the first half of August were in people already fully vaccinated, according to the state Department of Health and Human Services. A report recognizes that while there is stable and highly effective protection against hospitalizations and severe outcomes for people who are fully vaccinated, e … Continued

  • MikeCohenNAMheadshotsJCL201.jpg

    Antibody Treatments Can Slow Hospitalizations Due to COVID, But Vaccines Are Best

    Myron Cohen, MD, professor of medicine in infectious diseases and director of the UNC Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases, said masks and vaccines remain the best line of defense against Covid in an NBC News story. “You want to prevent any disease you can, rather than treat it, because the consequences of the infection are grave,” he said. At the same time, Cohen … Continued

  • weiming-tang

    Five-Year $3 Million Grant Will Study Pay-It-Forward Approach to Gonorrhea Testing

    Pay-it-forward programs, whereby someone receives a gift or free service and then gives a gift to another person in return, have expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide an opportunity for healthcare providers to reduce costs, increase uptake of interventions such as testing and vaccines, and promote sustainability. Weiming Tang, PhD, and Joseph Tucker, MD, PhD, explain … Continued

  • david-wohl

    Wohl Discusses New FDA Criteria For Identifying Patients at High-Risk For Covid-19

    David Wohl, MD, commented on new FDA criteria by which patients should be considered high-risk for severe COVID-19, expanding the pool of patients who can receive antibody treatment. In a Wall Street Journal report, Wohl said as many as 75% of adults in the US could qualify for treatment under the new criteria. “With the criteria expanded, we have so many more people who are elig … Continued

  • david-wohl

    Vaccine Boosters to Roll Out Next Month, As NC Hospitalizations From Delta Variant Surge

    The News & Observer reports on the Biden administration plans for COVID-19 vaccine boosters to combat waning immunity, as the delta variant causes cases to surge in North Carolina and the rest of the nation. Meanwhile, North Carolina reported the most hospitalizations in the state due to the virus since Jan. 29. David Wohl, MD, professor of medicine in the division of infecti … Continued

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    Weber Contributes Data to Discussions Regarding Student Vaccine Requirements

    Orange County Schools middle and high school students who are unvaccinated and want to play sports or take part in certain extracurricular activities will need to be tested twice a week for COVID-19. The school board decided in a unanimous vote to require the testing for students who want to be a cheerleader or join the band, chorus or theater this year. David Weber, MD, MPH, pro … Continued

  • david-wohl-cbs-17-delta-variant

    When Could We See Delta Peak in North Carolina?

    The numbers of new COVID-19 cases and hospital admissions keep climbing. That raises a critical question — when will they finally peak? CBS-17 interviewed David Wohl, MD, to learn more. “Under the current circumstances, unless there was a dramatic change, we’re talking about a peak in late October, early November,” said Wohl, professor of medicine in the division of infectious di … Continued

  • Peyton-Professional-Photo-Peyton-Thompson-1-1463x2048-1-560x784

    Mother-Infant Hepatitis B Treatment, Prevention Feasible in Sub-Saharan Africa

    A study in Lancet Global Health led by Peyton Thompson, MD, MSCR, assistant professor of pediatric infectious diseases, and Jonathan Parr, MD, MPH, assistant professor in adult infectious diseases, showed the feasibility and acceptance of hepatitis B virus testing, treatment, and vaccination programs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Hepatitis B virus (HBV) remains endemic … Continued

  • David Margolis, MD

    UNC HIV Cure Center Awarded $26.2 Million Over the Next 5 Years

    The National Institutes of Health will award $53 million annually to 10 research organizations over the next five years to continue working toward curative therapies for HIV. The Collaboratory of AIDS Researchers for Eradication (CARE), led at the UNC HIV Cure Center by David Margolis, MD, is one of two programs to have received funds for all three five-year grant cycles since 20 … Continued