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  • christian-agosto-burgos

    Christian Agosto-Burgos Provides COVID-19 Education in Univision Interview

    Christian Agosto-Burgos, a PhD candidate, was featured in Univision 40 North Carolina interviews about COVID-19. He explained to Spanish-speaking audiences how natural and vaccine-mediated immunity are different, why individuals develop the disease more than once, and why it is important to receive the two doses of the vaccine. Agosto-Burgos is pursuing his PhD in pathobiology an … Continued

  • jain-henderson

    Jain, Henderson Share Updates on Medical Student Education

    To all faculty, fellows and residents: It has been quite the year for all of us as we have all adjusted our schedules to accommodate the influx of Covid-19 patients.  Medical students were briefly off clinical duties but thanks to School of Medicine and Department of Medicine leadership, they were back fairly soon with appropriate PPE.  Many thanks to all of you welcoming them ba … Continued

  • NKF-USFDA-Workshop

    UNC Nephrologists Participate in NFK-USDA Scientific Workshop

    Barbara Gillespie, MD, FASN, Keisha Gibson, MD, MPH, and Amy Mottl, MD, participated in a virtual scientific workshop sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation and the US Drug Administration on December 14-17.  They were among 90 people representing a range of key stakeholders including faculty experts in clinical trials, nephrology and other relevant topic areas, patients, pay … Continued

  • Fellows Match to the Department of Medicine

    While the pandemic made this year particularly challenging for fellowship recruitment efforts and interviews, a series of videos showing each program’s strengths was a creative solution, introducing viewers to faculty and current fellows, with a brief glimpse into what it might be like to join the program. And although it was impossible to replicate the experience of visiting in- … Continued

  • 2020-NFK-Kidney-Walk

    Carolina Kidney Team Ranks First in Donations for Kidney Disease at Annual Kidney Walk

    The UNC Kidney Center’s “Carolina Kidney Team” ranked first in North Carolina for fundraising, and second in the nation, after virtually completing the National Kidney Foundation’s Annual Kidney Walk on November 15. The team walked for current patients, former patients, their caretakers, and others impacted by kidney disease, calling attention to the prevention of kidney disease … Continued

  • diwali-photo

    Diwali, Celebrating the Festival of Lights

    “Pankaj and I love Diwali. It is the Festival of Lights when we spend some time with our family, decorating our house, putting up lights and having good food. To us, Diwali is a time of being grateful for our family, friends and all our blessings.”   Koyal Jain, MD, and Pankaj Jawa, MD Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated by Indians around the world. The five day fes … Continued

  • hladik-roy-chaudhury-featured

    Hladik, Roy-Chaudhury Join NC General Assembly to Recognize “Living Donor Protection Act”

    Gerald Hladik, MD, and Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, MD, joined Rob Hayden, executive director of the North Carolina National Kidney Foundation (NCNFD), on Thursday, November 19, to recognize the burden of kidney disease in North Carolina and express appreciation to policymakers for supporting the “Living Donor Protection Act.” They were joined by kidney donors and kidney transplant reci … Continued

  • gibson-with-child

    Gibson Receives H. Fleming Fuller Award

    Keisha Gibson, MD, MPH, associate professor of medicine and pediatrics and vice chair of diversity and inclusion in the department of medicine, received the 2020 H. Fleming Fuller Award in a virtual ceremony Thursday, November 12. Benny Joyner, MD, MPH, was a co-honoree. The H. Fleming Fuller Award, which has been given annually since 1986, is meant as a permanent memorial to Kin … Continued

  • Amy Mottl, MD, MPH, FASN

    Mottl Receives NIH R01 Grant to Study Impact of Diabetes on Patients with Glomerular Diseases

    Amy Mottl, MD, MPH, associate professor in the division of nephrology and hypertension, is receiving a five-year NIH Multi PI R01 grant award for “The Impact of Diabetes on Patients with Glomerular Disease: CureGN-Diabetes.” IgA nephropathy (IgAN), focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), minimal change disease (MCD), and membranous nephropathy (MN) are rare glomerular diseases … Continued

  • Meghan Free, PhD

    Free Discusses Autoimmune Disease in “Critically Speaking” Podcast

    Meghan Free, PhD, assistant professor in nephrology and hypertension, explains autoimmune diseases, how they work, and how they can be treated in a new podcast. She also discusses the risk factors and predispositions for these diseases.