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Dr. Kevin Biese, clinical associate professor in the division of geriatric medicine, weighs in on the launch of a geriatric ED accreditation program by the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Kevin Biese, MD, MAT

Dr. Kevin Biese was recently interviewed for an article in Modern Healthcare about a new geriatric ED accreditation program from the American College of Emergency Physicians.

In the article, Beisee says the accreditation program provides a level of standardization across geriatric EDs that has been lacking.

The article also recognizes that approximately 130 self-proclaimed geriatric EDs in the country vary in available services. The ACEP program will enable hospitals to follow specific guidelines to receive accreditation.

Beise, who is co-director of geriatric emergency medicine and a clinical associate professor in geriatrics, says the program doesn’t necessarily represent a new concept.

“Hospitals were thinking of this stuff already but it was like sculpting fog,” said Beise. “The accreditation program really is an empowering tool to get the resources to do it more formally.”

The article can be accessed here.