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Christine Kistler, MD
Christine Kistler, MD

About the same number of young Black men and women reach voting age in North Carolina every year, but there’s a huge gender gap each time ballots are counted. In 2020, when Donald Trump won the state by 74,500 votes, Black women cast 622,000 ballots but Black men cast only 402,000 — a startling gap of 220,000 votes.

Christine E. Kistler, MD, MASc, associate professor in the division of geriatric medicine and department of family medicine, says socio-economic conditions lead to premature death for Black men, in a column by Keith Sutton and Bob Hall published in The Daily Advance.

“You are less likely to have a high quality education, access to health care, financial advancement. All of that leads to worse health outcomes, mortality, chronic illness disability, and it’s due to systemic racism in this country.”

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