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Geriatrics Fellow 2017-2018

I am currently a first year Geriatric Medicine fellow at UNC Chapel Hill. I am a North Carolina native, growing up in Wilmington, before completing my undergraduate education at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. I was drawn to medicine from an early age and moved back to North Carolina after college where I worked in the operating room at Rex Hospital. This first, entry-level job was very hard work however to this day I am still aware of how much it taught me about the healthcare system, working in diverse teams, and taking care of patients. It truly has had a lasting impact.


I completed medical school followed by my internship and residency in Internal Medicine at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  From the start of my training, geriatric patients have been some of the most interesting and most rewarding patients to care for.  I love geriatrics for the opportunity to take care of medically complex patients from a “patient-centered” approach, rather than only focusing on the individual diseases. Throughout my fellowship and career, I hope to always focus on each individual patient’s goals and helping them to be achieved. I also hope to be a resource for families and caregiver support as they adapt to aging loved ones.


As the population ages rapidly, we are in desperate need of trained geriatricians entering all fields.  I plan to complete an additional fellowship in Cardiology following completion of my Geriatric Medicine fellowship. I envision a career consisting of patient care with medically complex older adults who have cardiovascular disease and in addition contribute to clinical research specially targeted towards improving cardiovascular care of older adults.  In order to best prepare myself to accomplish these goals I am planning to pursue a masters degree in clinical research through the UNC School of Public Health during my geriatric training.

Adam Moskowitz, MD