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Alan Lee Hinderliter, MD

Henry A. Foscue Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiology

Specialty Areas

Hypertension; echocardiography; valvular heart disease; heart disease in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Education and Experience

MD: Washington University, St. Louis, 1981; Intern and Resident: University of Michigan, 1981-1984; Hypertension Fellowship: University of Michigan, 1984-1985; Cardiology Fellowship: University of North Carolina, 1985-1988; Assistant Professor of Medicine: University of North Carolina, 1988-1995; Associate Professor of Medicine: University of North Carolina, 1995-present.

Clinical and Research Interests

Dr. Hinderliter’s principal clinical interests are hypertension and echocardiography. He is a hypertension specialist and sees patients with high blood pressure that is difficult to control in the multidisciplinary UNC Hypertension Clinic. Dr. Hinderliter serves as the director of the UNC Hospitals echocardiography laboratory and provides imaging support to the structural heart disease program. He also works closely with the kidney transplant program in evaluating risk of cardiovascular events in patients who are considering a transplant.

Dr. Hinderliter’s research has focused on the effects of exercise, diet, and weight loss on high blood pressure, and on novel therapies for resistant hypertension. His research laboratory is actively engaged in studying the effects of disease processes, pharmacologic therapies, and lifestyle interventions on vascular endothelial function, and on investigating the cardiovascular manifestations of air pollution.

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Dr. Alan Hinderliter