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Assistant Professor


Infectious Diseases, Virology, Viral Immunology, Antibody Structure


BS: magna cum laude, University of Rochester, 2007; MD, PhD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2015; Resident: Mount Sinai Hospital & Health System, 2015-2017; Infectious Diseases Fellow: University of North Carolina, 2017-2020


Clinical Instructor: University of North Carolina, 2020-2021; Assistant Professor of Medicine: University of North Carolina 2021-present

Clinical Interests

My clinical passion is caring for individuals suffering from all types of infectious diseases across a broad clinical spectrum. Seeing and taking care of patients is very rewarding and gives me an important perspective of the patient and healthcare side of medicine that I can apply to my research projects. As a clinician scientist, I have developed a research interest in the morbidity and global public health burden of new and emerging viruses. My current research interests include studying human immune responses to Zika and dengue viruses, with a specific focus on B cell and antibody responses.

Selected Bibliography

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Recognitions and Honors

UNC Physician Scientist Training Award, September 2020

Alena Janda, MD, PhD
  • Infectious Diseases