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Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases
Associate Director, UNC Infectious Diseases Clinic
UNC ID Ryan White Program Manager
UNC ID Quality Improvement Coordinator

Specialty Areas

HIV Care and Prevention, HIV Linkage and Retention in Care, Clinical Quality Improvement


BA Magna Cum Laude, BSN Summa Cum Laude: University of Rochester, 1988; MA Psychology – Cognitive Neuroscience, Syracuse University, 1990; Post MSN Family Nurse Practitioner certification, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 1997-2000

Employment: UNC Department of Medicine – Infectious Diseases, 2001 – present.

Ms. Durr serves as the Associate Director of the ID clinic, Quality Improvement Coordinator, Ryan White Program Manager, and supervises clinic staff members.  She cares for patients living with HIV, and has worked to improve the quality of HIV care across the state.

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Amy Durr, MSN, RN, FNP-BC