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After graduating from Davidson with a degree in Biology, Cecie joined the NIH as a post-baccalaureate IRTA fellow in Dr. Collins’ laboratory where she studied Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome, a rare premature aging disorder.

After working with Dr. Collins for two years, she came to the University of Colorado School of Medicine as a Research Assistant prior to joining the MD/PhD program at Colorado. Her PhD work has focused on the study of alterations in transcription induced by an aging-related p53 isoform (Np53 as a Regulator of p53 Biology). She is interested in pursuing a career in Oncology, applying her research interest in aging and transcription to help to develop novel cancer therapies (recognizing the close relationship between aging and cancer). In addition to research, Cecie has been actively engaged in her medical school and has served as a mentor for more junior students and organized a Tantra Park Mother’s Group.

Cecie enjoys running, cooking, science fiction reading, skiing, and being an amateur handywoman.


Medical School/Graduate School: University of Colorado

Undergraduate: Davidson College


Cecilia Levandowski, MD, PhD