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Charles Hicks, MD, FACC

Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiology

Specialty Areas

Consultative cardiology; electrocardiography; non-invasive cardiology; preventive cardiology; clinical education.

Education and Experience

MD: University of North Carolina, 1976; Intern and Resident: University of California, San Diego, 1976-1979; Cardiovascular Diseases Fellowship: University of California, San Diego, 1979-1981; Assistant Professor of Medicine: East Carolina University, 1981-1982; Assistant Professor of Medicine: University of Texas Medical School at Houston, 1982-1984; Director of Cardiology Services: Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon, 1984-1985; Carolina Cardiology Consultants, P.A., 1985-1993; Coastal Cardiology Associates, P.A., 1993-1999; Associate Professor of Medicine: University of North Carolina, 2010-present.

Clinical and Research Interests

Dr. Hicks’ practice combines consultative cardiology with clinical education. He is one of the lead faculty physicians for the inpatient consultation service, involving the assessment and management of cardiovascular conditions or complications in patients who are hospitalized for other conditions or procedures. In both inpatient and outpatient settings, he performs electrocardiography, stress­ testing, echocardiography and other non-invasive diagnostic procedures to determine the best course of treatment and long-term followup. Dr. Hicks’ research and special interests include medical informatics and sustainable documentation.

Selected Bibliography

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Dr. Charles HIcks