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Assistant Professor, Division of General Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology
Medical Director, UNC Internal Medicine Clinic

Specialty Areas: High-risk, complex care management; Population health

Chronology: BS: Washington University in St. Louis, 2005; MPH: St Louis University, 2007; MD: University of Kentucky 2014; Resident: University of North Carolina, 2014-2017; Assistant Professor: University of North Carolina, 2017-Present; Assistant Medical Director: UNC Internal Medicine Clinic, 2017-2018; Medical Director: UNC Internal Medicine Clinic, 2019-Present

Dr. Gladman’s clinical interests focus on primary care for high-risk and complex care management, including transitions of care between the inpatient, subacute, and outpatient settings, healthcare utilization, health care costs and quality. Her work includes novel strategies to provide comprehensive care management for these patients including within the new payer models, such as an accountable care organization.

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