Geriatrics Fellow 2018-2019

Juneve Toche grew up in Cary, North Carolina, with parents from Port au Prince and Gonaives, Haiti. “I spoke French at home and English in school — I thought that was what everybody did.”

After attending college and medical school at Duke University, Juneve did her residency at UNC. “I liked the work-life balance that I saw at UNC. It’s very family oriented. If there was one word to describe the atmosphere, it’s ‘warm.’” Juneve describes Division of Geriatric Medicine Faculty as having a collegial, approachable style that benefits learners. “You feel like they have a desire to invest in you. That’s the best scenario: seeing leaders investing in learners.”

Seeing patients at the Geriatrics Specialty Clinic has broadened Juneve’s understanding of patient-centered care, where the context is more about caring for a unique individual than addressing a specific disease. “What I really enjoy about seeing my patients in Geriatrics is I get to practice what I imagine medicine to be: taking care of the whole patient. It can be more challenging, but it’s more fulfilling.”