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7024 Burnett-Womack
Office: 919-445-2670
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UNC Health Care Profile 

Professor of Medicine
Director, Hypertension Clinic

Specialty Areas: Epidemiology of Kidney Disease; Hypertension; Fluid and Electrolyte Metabolism

Chronology: MD: University of El Salvador, 1966; Intern: State University of NY, 1967; Resident: State University of NY, 1968; Resident: University of North Carolina, 1969; Nephrology Fellow: University of North Carolina, 1972; Assistant Professor of Medicine: University of North Carolina, 1972-7; Associate Professor of Medicine, University of North Carolina, 1977-83; Professor of Medicine, 1983-Present; Director of Hypertension Clinic: University of North Carolina, 1986-Present; Director of Nephrology Training Program: University of North Carolina, 1994-2009; MSPH: University of North Carolina, 1996.

Dr. Colindres participates in observational and clinical studies related to Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Complications in Subjects with Kidney Disease.

Selected Bibliography:

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