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Eben Lichtman, MD

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Division of Hematology

Specialty Areas

Malignant Hematology, Myeloma

CAREER PLAN: Dr. Lichtman’s current research is focused on the development of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies for patients with acute myeloid leukemia and multiple myeloma. Upon the completion of his fellowship training, Dr. Lichtman will be joining the UNC multiple myeloma and amyloidosis program.


American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Young Investigator Award
First place poster award, translational research category, UNC Lineberger Annual Retreat
Outstanding Fellow Award, North Carolina Oncology Association
Selected to participate in American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)/ASCO Molecular Biology in Clinical Oncology Workshop, Snowmass, CO
Selected for Immunotherapy T32 Training Grant, University of North Carolina
Selected to participate in AACR/ASCO Methods in Clinical Cancer Research Workshop, Vail, CO

Publications During Fellowship:

Books and Chapters

  • Cerny J, Lichtman E. Leukemia, Chronic Lymphocytic. The 5-minute Clinical Consult 2014. Ed. Frank J. Domino. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2013.

Books and Chapters – In Press/Submitted

  • Rosko A, Bhatt G, Lichtman E, Tuchman S. “Multiple Myeloma in Older Adults.” Geriatric Oncology. Ed. Martine Extermann. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International, 2019. Number of pages: 22. In Press.

Refereed Papers/Articles

Original Research

  • Lichtman EI, Seldin DC, Shelton A, Sanchorawala A. Single Agent Lenalidomide Three Times a Week Induces Hematologic Responses in AL Amyloidosis Patients on Dialysis. Am J Hematol. 2014 Jul; 89(7):706-8. PMID: 24668858.
  • Jung DY, Ko HJ, Lichtman EI, Lee E, Lawton E, Ong H, Yu K, Azuma Y, Friedline RH, Lee KW, Kim JK. Short-Term Weight Loss Attenuates Local Tissue Inflammation and Improves Insulin Sensitivity without Affecting Adipose Inflammation in Obese Mice. Am J Physiol-Endoc M. 2013 May; 304(9):E964-76. PMID: 23482446.
  • Baltaretu CO, Lichtman EI, Hadler AB, Elrod MJ. Primary Atmospheric Oxidation Mechanism for Toluene. J. Phys. Chem. A. 2009 Jan; 113(1):221-30. PMID: 19118482.
  • Berkers C, Verdoes M, Lichtman E, Fiebiger E, Kessler BM, Ploegh HL, Ovaa H, Galardy PJ. Activity probe for in vivo profiling of the specificity of proteasome inhibitor bortezomib. Nature Methods. 2005 May; 2(5):357-62. PMID: 15846363.

Other Peer Reviewed Articles

  • Lichtman EI, Dotti GD. Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells for B-cell Malignancies. Trans Res. 2017 Sep; 187:59-82. PMID: 28719798. [Review]
  • Lichtman EI, Helfgott SM, Kriegel MA. Emerging Therapies for Systemic Lupus Erythematous – Focus on Targeting Interferon-Alpha. Clin. Immunol. 2012 Jun; 143(3):210-21. PMID: 22525889. [Review]

Published Abstracts

  • Bednarik J, Cerny J, Ramanathan M, Fortier N, Shanahan L, Petrillo L, Cellulare C, Lichtman E, Spring L, Zhou Z, Nath R. Preventing Invasive Fungal Infections (IFI) Using Anti-Mold Azole Antifungals in Patients Receiving HyperCVAD. Haematologica. 2012 Jun; 97(s1):568. 17th Congress of the European Hematology Association.
  • Jung DY, Ko HJ, Lee Y, Lichtman E, Lawton E, Azuma Y, Yu K, Kim JK. Weight Loss Induced by Low-Fat Diet and Exercise Reduces Inflammation and Improves Insulin Action in Obese Mice. Diabetes. 2010 Jun; 59 (supp 1). Accessed Feb 17 2013.

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