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Instructor, Division of Infectious Diseases

Specialty Areas:

HIV, STI, Infectious Disease


BHSc (hons): University of Western Ontario, 2007; MSc: University of Western Ontario, 2010; BSN: Duke University, 2012; MSN: Duke University, 2017: PhD: Duke University, 2017; Postdoctoral Associate: Duke University School of Medicine 2017-2019; Consulting Associate: Duke University School of Nursing, 2013-present

Bio/Personal Statement:

I am a family nurse practitioner and HIV/AIDS researcher. I provide primary care to adults living with HIV at the Wake County Health Department in Raleigh, NC. My research interests are in sexuality education, women’s health, and STIs.

Selected Bibliography:

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Elizabeth D. Moore, PhD, FNP-BC, ACRN