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Undergraduate: College of Charleston
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina


Cleveland, OH

Career Interests

Primary care of children and adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities

Ellen, originally from Cleveland, OH, obtained her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology and Chemistry from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Prior to medical school she pursued basic science research in South Carolina and published work on vaccines for Ebola, Dengue and Marburg. She then transitioned to the Department of Pharmacology at The Medical University of South Carolina where she worked with g-protein coupled receptor proteins of the immune system. She became a 200-hour certified yoga teacher in 2008 and taught regularly in Charleston.

In 2011, she entered medical school at MUSC with the hope of integrating science and her passion for preventive health practices. During Medical school she completed research in STIs and cervical dysplasia in HIV positive women, as well as kinship care in children with high adverse childhood experience (ACE) scores. She is interested in primary care with a special focus on adolescents and preventive medicine. She would like to pursue research in how ACEs affect adult health outcomes and whether mind-body practices can mitigate those outcomes.

Ellen lives in Chapel Hill with her fiancé, an electrical engineer. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the triangle, cooking, yoga, meditation, distance running, gardening, live music and board games.