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Emily is originally from Concord, NC and attended UNC for college where she majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry and Medical Anthropology. During her senior year of college, she served as a Doula at UNC.

Emily has been active in her community at the UNC School of Medicine and served as the MSI class liaison for the Graham Research Society, founded a Trauma Informed Care elective, worked as a care manager with the SHAC free student clinic, and served as President of the IPV awareness and advocacy group. She has worked with the UNC Department of Radiation Oncology in a review comparing overall survival, patient characteristics, and cessation rates in patients with cervical cancer who underwent smoking cessation counseling after diagnosis as well as a review of Vaginal Melanoma Review for the Rare Diseases and Outcomes Database. Emily is couples matching with Anthony who will be pursuing residency training in Orthopedics. After completion of her preliminary year in Medicine, Emily will begin residency training in Radiation Oncology.

Emily enjoys cycling, baking, reading, yoga and weightlifting, traveling, and pottery.


Medical School: University of North Carolina
Undergraduate: University of North Carolina

Emily Hollis, MD