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Medical School/Graduate: University Wisconsin (MD/PhD)
Undergraduate: Stanford University

Jeff graduated from Stanford University with a degree in chemistry before matriculating into the MD/PhD program at the University of Wisconsin. Jeff’s research demonstrated that genetic ablation of Map3k8 led macrophages to repolarize to the M1 phenotype more readily, and that in combination with CD40 stimulation these macrophages could kill myeloma tumor cells in vitro by a nitric oxide dependent mechanism and in vivo in a relapsed/refractory myeloma model. Jeff originally felt that he could combine his clinical and research interests with a career as a surgical oncologist, and matched into the general surgery residency program at the University of Minnesota. But after two years of surgical residency, Jeff knew that he was more interested in the medical care of oncology patients than the surgical care. He has most recently worked as a postdoctoral fellow investigating the role of TP53 mutations and complex cytogenetics in enabling acute myeloid leukemia stem cell self-renewal capacity and resistance to chemotherapy.

Jeff Jensen