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Jeremy Meier, MD, PhD

PGY-2 Resident, Internal Medicine Residency Program
PGY-2 Trainee, Physician Scientist Training Program


Undergraduate: University of Virginia
MD/PhD: Virginia Commonwealth University

Career Interests

Hematology and Oncology – PSTP

Jeremy was born in Syracuse, NY, but also lived in Rhode Island and Georgia while growing up. He attended the University of Virginia for his undergraduate studies in Biochemistry and Biology. After graduation he worked for two years studying members of the Ras superfamily of small GTPases, researching their signaling and downstream effectors. This led him to pursue his MD-PhD studies at Virginia Commonwealth University where he completed his PhD in the Cancer and Molecular Medicine Program. His thesis work focused on a novel mitochondrial signaling pathway mediated by STAT3, a protein long thought to only operate as a nuclear transcription factor, the results of which has implications in cell survival, growth, and metabolism. He also pursued clinical research in the area of bone marrow transplantation, exploring the organization of the T cell repertoire and how it is shaped in health and disease. As part of the Research Pathway Jeremy will train in Internal Medicine and Hematology and Oncology. He plans to intersect his research interests in cancer cell biology with clinical work in malignant Hematology, investigating novel signaling cascades for therapeutic targeting.


Meier JA, Hyun M, Cantwell M, Raza A, Mertens C, Raje V, Sisler J, Tracy E, Torres-Odio S, Gispert S, Shaw PE, Baumann H, Bandyopadhyay D, Takabe K, Larner AC. Stress-induced dynamic regulation of mitochondrial STAT3 and its association  with cyclophilin D reduce mitochondrial ROS production. Sci Signal. 2017 Mar 28;10(472).