Ju Youn Beak, PhD

Assistant Professor, Division of Cardiology

Specialty Areas

Cardiology, mitochondria, nuclear receptors.

Education and Experience

BS, Kyungpook National University, 1997; MS, Kyungpook National University 2001; Ph. D. Kyungpook National University 2003; Visiting fellow, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2003 – 2008; Post-Doctoral Fellow,  Department of Medicine 2015 – 2019; Assistant Professor 2019 – present.

Personal Statement

The constant contraction and relaxation of cardiac muscle cells requires a tremendous amount of energy that is generated from the electron transport chains in mitochondria. Dysfunction of cardiomyocyte mitochondria leads to heart failure. Mitophagy is a key biological process for the maintenance of healthy cardiac mitochondria. Our group demonstrated a protective role of RAR-related nuclear receptor (RORa) against angiotensin II-mediated cardiac hypertrophy. Recently, we discovered that RORa plays a crucial role in maintenance of mitochondrial quality and in regulation of cardiac inflammation.  My ongoing research interest is to reveal the role of RORa in preserving cardiac mitochondrial function.

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Ju Youn Beak, Ph.D.