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Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

Chronology: BA Summa Cum Laude: Bowdoin College, 2000; MD: University of North Carolina, 2010; Duke University Medical Center Department of Pediatrics, 2010-2013; Pediatric Nephology Fellowship: University of North Carolina, 2013-2016; Assistant Professor of Medicine: University of North Carolina: 2016-present.

Dr. Westreich sees pediatric nephrology patients both in the hospital setting and in the outpatient clinic. She teaches medical students, residents, and fellows alongside her clinical work. She has a particular interest in systematically improving the quality and value of the healthcare the pediatric nephrology group delivers to children with kidney disease. Her overarching goals are to improve patients’ medical outcomes by consistently and reliably delivering the treatments with the most evidence of being helpful, improve patient safety by redesigning systems to reduce medical errors, and to improve the patient and family experience of disease and medical treatment using thorough but clear explanations and education materials. As junior faculty, Dr. Westreich is receiving training in healthcare quality improvement methods under the auspices of the UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement’s Fellowship in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement.


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