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Associate Professor of Medicine and Radiology, Division of Cardiology

Specialty Areas

Heart failure; nuclear cardiology; cardiac transplantation; general cardiology.

Education and Experience

MD: University of North Carolina, 1976; Resident: University of North Carolina, Internal Medicine, 1976-1979; Chief Resident: University of North Carolina, Internal medicine, 1979-1980; Fellow: University of North Carolina, Cardiology, 1980-1982; Board Certified Internal Medicine: 1979; Board Certified Internal Medicine/Cardiovascular Disease, 1985.

Clinical and Research Interests

Dr. Adams’ academic interests are focused on understanding the natural history, pathophysiology, and treatment of congestive heart failure. Also an active clinical researcher, Dr. Adams’ goal is to meet the needs of his patients while forwarding the study of congestive heart failure so as to benefit current and future patients. Dr. Adams is regularly included in the annual The Best Doctors in America® database and Business North Carolina’s “Best Doctors” issue.

Selected Bibliography

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  • Phone Number

    (919) 966-2877 (Office Phone)

  • Address

    6034 Burnett-Womack Building