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Professor, Division of Geriatric Medicine
Medical Director, UNC Palliative Care Program
Associate Director, Geriatric Fellowship Program

UNC Geriatrics Clinic Provider: No
UNC Hospitals Provider:
Palliative Care Service and UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus Geriatric Inpatient Service

Specialty Areas: Geriatric medicine, palliative medicine, long-term care


BS Summa Cum Laude: Duke University, 1982; MD: Harvard Medical School, 1986; Resident: Brigham & Women’s Hospital, 1986-1988; University of North Carolina, 1988-89; Geriatric Medicine Fellow: University of North Carolina, 1989-1990; MPH: University of North Carolina, 1991; Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar: University of North Carolina, 1990-1992; Assistant Professor: University of North Carolina, 1992-1999; Associate Professor: University of North Carolina, 1999-2011; Director, UNC Palliative Care Program, 2001 – present; Professor: University of North Carolina, 2011 – present.

Dr. Hanson is a tenured Professor in the Division of Geriatric Medicine, Department of Medicine at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. She was a founding co-Director of the UNC Palliative Care Program, an interdisciplinary program of palliative care services and related research and teaching. As a board-certified physician in Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, and Hospice and Palliative Medicine, she provides clinical services for frail and medically complex older patients, and for adult patients of all ages with serious and potentially life-limiting illness.

Research and Clinical Interests:


Dr. Hanson leads a research program to understand and improve the quality of palliative care for nursing home residents and other vulnerable populations. As the lead clinical investigator on the PEACE Project she helped to develop and test clinical quality measures endorsed by the National Quality Forum and applied nationwide in hospice care. She has been the principal investigator or co-investigator for numerous studies to improve nursing home dementia care, including two NIH-NIA funded randomized clinical trials of decision aids for palliative care in advanced dementia. Dr. Hanson also serves on the Steering Committee and as a site-Principal Investigator for the Measurement Core of the Palliative Care Research Cooperative group, a nationwide palliative care clinical trials network.

Selected Bibliography:


Here is a complete list of Dr. Hanson’s publications.

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Links to News Articles and Podcasts:
Hanson LC. Improving Advanced Dementia Care in Nursing Homes. GeriPal podcast, April 4, 2017.

Hanson LC, Schenck AP, Burstin H. Measuring Quality of Care for Older Adults with Serious Illness. Health Affairs invited blog post, January 22, 2014.

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