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Lauren is from Virginia originally and attended UVA for college where she majored in biology. After graduation, she worked for a year in DC with the National Center for Health Research as a women’s health insurance assistance fellow, a non-profit organization providing direct assistance to socioeconomically disadvantaged patients in obtaining insurance benefits.

As a medical student, she has served as the UVA AMA chapter Community Service Chair and worked for three years with an 80-year-old woman with the patient-student partner program. In her role with the AMA, she worked to organize a program that involved medical students and local law enforcement that focused on teaching and guiding UVA medical students to then teach community members how to recognize opioid overdose and administer naloxone. She is interested in pursuing a career that includes work in health care policy.

Lauren loves dogs and is not only a dog walker and volunteer with the SPCA, but also co-founded the Pets in Medicine group. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys gardening, macrame, and tennis.


Medical School: University of Virginia
Undergraduate: University of Virginia

Lauren Goldbeck, MD