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Specialty Areas

Intensive repeated measures designs, psychometrics, health decision-making, health disparities, physician decision-making, latent variable and mixed modeling, and survey sampling and design.

Education and Experience

BA: Purdue University, 2003; MA: University of Connecticut, 2005; PhD: University of Connecticut, 2009; Postdoctoral Fellow: Duke University, 2009-2012; Postdoctoral Fellow: University of Connecticut Health Center, 2012-2013; Statistician/Psychometrician: Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, 2014-2015; Deputy Director: Biostatistics and Survey Methods Core, UNC Center for Regulatory Research on Tobacco Communication, 2014-2015; Director: Biostatistics and Survey Methods Core, UNC Center for Regulatory Research on Tobacco Communication, 2015-2019; Assistant Professor: Department of Health Behavior, Gillings School of Global Public Health, 2015-2019; Assistant Professor: Division of General Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology, 2019-present.

Personal Statement

I am a biostatistician The North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences (NC TraCS) Institute. I conduct research focused on psychometrics, novel applications of intensive repeated measures designs, substance use, health communication, and the effect of stress and coping processes on health decision-making. Another area of my research examines how group-specific stressors can negatively affect health outcomes, especially for historically marginalized groups. As part of my work at NC TraCS, I serve as the biostatistics faculty mentor for the CTSA KL2 Program as well as for the UNC BIRCWH Program.

Selected Bibliography

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