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Matthew is originally from High Point, North Carolina and attended NCSU as a park Scholar where he majored in both Chemistry and Biochemistry. Matthew is completing his MD/PhD degree at Duke where he is only the second person to complete this program with a degree in Chemistry. Matthew’s PhD research focused on discovering cryptic phosphorylation in nucleoside natural products in compounds that are medicinally and agriculturally important antifungals.

His more recent research has focused on developing liquid chromatography mass spectrometry methods to detect dermatology relevant compounds (such as engineered retinoids and antifungals) from non-invasive tape stripping of patient skin which permit the in vivo quantification of drug penetrance and retention in the epidermis. Matthew has served as the MSTP class representative at Duke, has continued to mentor high school students in Guilford County, served as an application reviewer for the NCSU Park Scholars Selection Committee, and is the editor in chief for the Duke Science Review. Matthew will pursue residency training in Dermatology with the career goal of working as a Physician Scientist, translating his chemical training into innovative solutions for novel topical drug delivery systems.

Matthew enjoys woodworking, playing the clarinet as well as the piano and French horn, model ship building, tennis, skiing, general aviation, and history.


Medical School: Duke University
Undergraduate: North Carolina State University

Matthew Draelos, MD, PhD