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Endocrinology and Metabolism Fellow

Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine
Residency: Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

What were your reasons for choosing UNC for your training in endocrinology?

The leadership and the culture of service were key to this decision. This program has several giants in the field of endocrinology who have humbly committed to the success of their trainees. Finally, I started my interview day with a self-guided run around campus and was reminded of the beauty of Chapel Hill and central North Carolina. The hospital is on the undergraduate campus so the energy of the university is never far away.

What is your favorite hormone and why?

Ghrelin – because it keeps me hungry…

Now that you are here as a fellow, what is the top selling point you would tell someone considering fellowship at UNC?

The people! Everyone is focused on your success and creating a warm and inviting learning environment. Also, this part of North Carolina is great for young families as well. There are many great outdoor activities locally and the beach or mountains are a short drive away.