Rimma Osipov, MD, PhD

Specialty Areas

Medical Humanities, Medical Education, History of Medicine, Clinical Ethics, the physician and patient experience through narrative.


BS Cum Laude: UCLA, 2006; MD: University of Texas Medical Branch, 2016; PhD: University of Texas Medical Branch, 2016; Resident: University of North Carolina 2016-2019; Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine: University of North Carolina, 2019- present.

Clinical Interests

Rimma received her PhD in the Medical Humanities with a primary focus in the history of medicine and secondary concentrations in literature and medicine and clinical ethics. She is interested in medical student and resident education and is working on a project building clinical reasoning skills among medical residents through the humanities. She will also be joining the hospital ethics committee as a lead consultant.

Selected Publications

Kutac, JE,  Osipov, R, Childress, A “Innovation through Tradition: Rediscovering the ‘Humanist’ in ‘Medical Humanities” Journal of Medical Humanities. 2016 Dec 37; 4: 371–387.

Osipov, R “Do Future Bench Researchers Need Humanities Courses in Medical School?” AMA Journal of Ethics. 2014 Aug 1;16(8):604-9.

Osipov, R “Healing Narrative—Ethics and Writing about Patients” AMA Journal of Ethics. 2011; 13:420-424

Rimma Osipov
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